Double knitting is a very easy technique to master, even though is sounds difficult and looks like magic. You use two straight needles to knit back and forth, but you end up with a tube of knitting. It’s a great technique to make a double thick fabric for a yoga mat or rug, and it’s […]

These condom amulets are fun and easy to make and they are great accessories to decorate your wardrobe and give you an easy way to help make a difference for good! Just tuck a couple of condoms into your amulet, and a couple of safe sex pamphlets into your purse, and you can give them […]

March Mini Update I’ve been so busy this month that I almost forgot to post a monthly update! I didn’t get a new project designed in time to add a pattern, but I do have a couple of updates. Breast Cancer Charity Updates My cousin, Emily Druchunas, is participating in the AVON Walk For Breast […]

In 2004 at Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, the National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) launched their program ” Stitch to WIN Against Breast Cancer.” Since then over 70 retailers have had events in their own communities. TNNA’s charitable partner Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a Philadelphia based, national organization offering direct support, information, and education for breast cancer survivors and […]

Most of the charities I support and feature on Knitting for Change are engaged in helping people. But this month I’d like to change the focus a little and talk about our furry friends in need. When I was in the 6th grade, Mr. Tamborino, our teacher told us that memorizing a poem could change our lives. […]

This easy blanky is the perfect way to add a bit of comfort to the life of a cat or dog in an animal shelter. When they find a new home, they can take the blanket home with them to help in the transition to an unfamiliar environment Size Small (Large) 22×22 (33×33) inches Materials […]