Don’t be a Yarn Snob

Two things happened this weekend that made me think of this: On Facebook, Gaye Glasspie aka GGmadeit, has a weekly knitting Q&A and she asked who was going to Vogue Knitting Live. Well, I’m not, and it’s because I can’t afford to go to a knitting event unless I’m working the show. People often make assumptions.. read more →

Let Freedom Ring: Belarusian Wrist Warmers

I’ve added my Belarusian Wrist Warmers pattern to my Ravelry store.   The original came out in Piecework magazine in 2011. Somehow it seems appropriate to re-publish this pattern at this time. I’ve created a PDF that includes an essay about textiles in Belarus and a stitch library of colorwork charts, as well as the.. read more →

Making a Living as a Knitting Designer

I’m in the process of revamping my knitting design business for about the third or fourth time. Unless you get a full-time job at a big yarn company or publisher, making a living with knitting is not a simple job. It’s a complex freelance career that requires wearing a lot of different hats (which is a good thing,.. read more →

FALL COLORS: Yarn Shops in Vilnius Redux

FALL COLORS: Yarn Shops in Vilnius Redux read more →

FALL COLORS: Knitted Wrist Warmers

Knitted wrist warmers are the perfect accessories for autumn. read more →

Things knitters should know

Hi designers and knitters, I am in a bad mood because someone was really mean to me in the questions on one of my online classes this morning. Also because I have found so many knitters who aren’t being taught the basic skills and knowledge they need to be successful in knitting. Knitters, please buy.. read more →

Free Pattern: Did Lace Knitting Originate in Spain?

Some knitting traditions are famous around the world, while others, just as interesting and beautiful, are less celebrated outside of their local areas. Such is the case with knitting in Spain. read more →

Knitting and Crochet: A Marriage Made in History

Combining crochet and knitting is not a new idea at all. The two crafts have been used together for centuries, and many knitting books published in United States during the first half 20th century also included crochet instructions. read more →

FALL COLORS: Socks and Stockings

With my research in Lithuania I have found many more examples of old mittens, gloves, and wristers than I have socks. read more →

Knitting in Lithuania’s ethnographical regions

Even though Lithuania is a relatively small country, about the same size as West Virginia, it has five ethnographic regions. Each region has a unique natural environment and historical economic base, the people speak a distinct dialect, and – most importantly to us – there were interesting differences in traditional knitting patterns and clothing styles.. read more →

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