March 8, 2021

Free Pattern: Did Lace Knitting Originate in Spain?

Free Pattern: Did Lace Knitting Originate in Spain? 1Here’s one of my past Knitty articles. I love this pattern. I think my mom stole the shawl because I haven’t seen it in a while.

Some knitting traditions are famous around the world, while others, just as interesting and beautiful, are less celebrated outside of their local areas. Such is the case with knitting in Spain.

Spanish Origins
Spain is home to the earliest — and some of the most beautiful — examples of European knitting, yet it is rarely given more than a few paragraphs in books about knitting around the world. It would be remiss to write about knitting in Spain without mentioning the colorwork pillows and liturgical gloves so well-known as being the first European knitted objects that have survived:

  • In 1994, two colorwork pillows were discovered at the abbey of Santa Maria of Las Huelgas in northern Spain. Found in the tomb of Prince Fernando de la Cerda (who died in 1275), these cushions are made of fine silk yarn, knitted in very detailed colorwork patterns at a gauge of approximately 20 stitches per inch or 80 stitches per 4 inches (10cm). With such fine detail and beautiful stitching, it is obvious that knitting had been practiced for quite some time in this region before these pillows were knit.

Click here to view and also get the free pattern.

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