Free Pattern: Ballet legwarmers

My nieces were visiting this weekend and I put together this pattern as they wanted something to keep their legs warm during the winter. read more →

Yarn Tasting Journal

Yarn Tasting Journal: a new product going to the printer today. A fun thing I made while procrastinating on writing. Stay tuned… get notified when it comes out. Join the newsletter Click to enlarge read more →

Join The Arctic Lace Luxury Yarn Club

The chance to travel with Arctic Lace author, Donna Druchunas, as she cruises down the Alaska coastline. But maybe you couldn’t come with me, or maybe you want even more. Join the yarn club today. read more →

Lesson: Single Crochet Edging

Working a single crochet edging along a piece of knitting is quite easy — if you already know how to crochet. read more →

Lesson: Sewing Seams

Alot of knitters are afraid of sewing seams, but it’s actually quite simple once you learn when to use each type of sewing technque. Here are the three that I use most frequently. read more →

More about qiviut!

Here’s an article about Kelly Bridges from the Elegant Ewe yarn shop in Concord, New Hampshire, and her experiences with qiviut. Like me, she has fallen in love with the fiber and has recently been using qiviut from Greenland. read more →

Lesson: Crochet Bobbles

I find that its easier and faster to make bobbles with a crochet hook than by knitting back-and-forth on three-or-four stitches in the more conventional bobble. I also like the shape of the crochet bobble better. It is rounder and “puffier” than a conventional bobble. read more →

Yarn shopping & finishing projects

Yarn shopping & finishing projects read more →

Screw knitting: The only people who truly enjoy knitting are the people who already know how to do it.

The only people who truly enjoy knitting are the people who already know how to do it. read more →