WW2 Sock Knitting Tips


1. Don’t cast on tightly. An otherwisle well-knitted sock may become useless by a tight cord at the top.

2. Don’t knot your wool. Join it by splicinmg the ends or leave 2-3 inches on each end and darn back carefully. A man may not have the chance to change socks for many days and a lump or knot brings a blister. If the blister breaks, blood poisoning could result in the loss of a foot or even life. We cannot afford to lose our men through neglect or ignorance.

3. Don’t make a heel with a seam.

4. Don’t use needles too fine for the wool. The knitting should be elastic; if too tightly knitted the sock becomes hard and boardlike.

5. Don’t make a foot less than 11″ long. Always measure with a ruler.

The full text, with images, of The Sunlight Book of Knitting and Crocheting (1915) is online at The Library of Congress website.

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  1. Wonderful book!! Thank you so much for the link!

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