11 Jan 2017

Writing (and Knitting) as a Political Act


Are you a knitting or crochet writer/author/blogger?

Here’s an action for January 15.

Have you all heard about the Writers Resist meetings on January 15? There are over 75 events around the US and even in a few other countries. I have an idea for those of us who can’t attend the meetings mentioned below.

“Our democracy is at risk. Growing public cynicism and an alarming disdain for truthfulness is eroding our most dearly held democratic ideals. As writers we have tremendous power to bypass empty political discourse and focus public attention on the ideals of a free, just, and compassionate society.”

I can’t go because the closest one is a 3 hour drive, but I was thinking that craft bloggers can post something on our blogs and share the posts on social media on that day. Just an idea, but if you do this, let me know so I can post a link to your blog when you publish it.

I’m going to write about how all knitting in the Americas was brought here by immigrants and how much immigrants add to the flavor, culture, and American-ness of America. This is one of my themes for the year so it’ll be a good post to kick off everything I’ll be doing about Finding our Roots through Knitting. 

I encourage you to check out the Writers Resist website and see if the mission can be part of your blog or other writing on Jan 15 and throughout 2017. If any of you want to continue this throughout the year, we can make it some kind of rolling blog tour.

Please feel free to pass this message on to other crafting writers, bloggers, and podcasters.

They also have really cool poster art for the various meetings. I could make up something that we could all use on our blogs as the Craft Writer’s Resist virtual meeting? I could make something like this but with a knitter and a crocheter. Or something simple that’s just text so it can be used small as an icon.Writing (and Knitting) as a Political Act 1




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2 Responses to Writing (and Knitting) as a Political Act
  1. This is so interesting! I just wrote about the connection of craft and resistance for my next newspaper column. (Due out January 18) Short version: Yocheved (Moses’ mother) weaves a basket and waterproofs it before putting her baby into it. (using handcraft to resist a tyrant–Pharoah) My mom is not a basket maker, but is knitting pussy hats like crazy for the march. There are ways for people to create as a message of resistance…and its an ancient, religious way of protest/resistance. That is the summary of the whole thing. I didn’t know I was doing it as part of a movement, but I’m glad I did!

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