Wire and Bead Brooch Pattern

Wire and Bead Brooch Pattern 1


Wire and Bead Brooch Pattern 2

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This easy-to-knit brooch is a great project for learning to knit with wire. I’d never knitted with wire myself before making this, and it took some time to get used to the feel of the wire as it wrapped around the needles to form the stitches. The wire has absolutely no give, and the stitches do not relax into a flowing fabric after you are finished. It was a very interesting experience, and I look forward to trying some more complex wire projects in the future. The materials are available in most beading and craft shops.

Pin the brooch onto your favorite sweater or felted bag.

Experience Level: Beginner

Finished Measurements:

Ribbon approx 7/8 inch wide Brooch approx 2 inches wide x 4 1/2 inches tall For a smaller brooch, cast on fewer stitches and make the ribbon the desired length.


1 spool of Artistic Wire (26 gauge, 15 yards), Pink Approx 350 seed beads (11/0), Pink Size 0 metal knitting needles Small pin back.


6 sts = approx 7/8 inch

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