Are you ready for your next package? Everything’s bundled up and packages will be in the mail starting tomorrow (Dec 2, 2019).

This package has some very special yarn that we purchased from a small family business in Lithuania. The yarn is made from Lithuanian sheep wool and processed on machinery that is over 100 years old and that was originally purchased by the current owners’ great grandfather. I went crazy with the dyeing and each package will be a surprise.

Winter Knits - Club Package 5 1

Check out their old carding machine in this photo. This one is not still in use, but most of the equipment is still functioning. Lithuanian sheep have course wool, so our project is slippers. And don’t be surprised if you find an occasional knot or some vegetable matter in this wool. I hope you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time as you knit with it.

Winter Knits - Club Package 5 2

What’s Next? Our next package will conclude the Maria Sibylla Merian theme with some New Zealand Polwarth yarn and a cozy winter pattern. This wonderful wool from the New Zealand Polwarth sheep is similar to merino but with more sheen, so sleek, springy and lustrous. It is worsted spun from long staple fibres to produce a yarn that is silky and smooth. It also takes up the dye well to produce strong and vibrant colours.

Winter Knits - Club Package 5 3

After that, I’ll have a new theme with fun projects and activities. PLUS, we are working with our neighbors at Cloverworks Farm on getting some very special Vermont yarns custom spun. So you won’t want to miss out on what’s coming up in 2020!

Winter Knits - Club Package 5 4

2 Responses to Winter Knits – Club Package 5
  1. I can’t wait to receive my squishy mail.

  2. I’m so excited to receive this yarn!!!! The mill looks fabulous for our history walk .

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