04 Nov 2016

Winter is coming to Vermont and Lithuania!

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vthousephotoWe’ve just wrapped up our fall teaching season with the Vermont Fall Knitting Retreat at Trapp Family Lodge. What a fantastic time and a wonderful group of knitters. Anne Berk, author of Annetarsia Knits: A New Link to Intarsia joined me and we spent the weekend on colorful knitting techniques, enjoying the beautiful lodge, and singing songs from The Sound of Music.

The busy fall followed a busy summer. I guess that’s good, because in winter it’s hard to travel because of snow. Teaching in fall is always fun, but I love when winter arrives. It’s my favorite season and I always look forward to hunkering down in my house, looking out the window at the beautiful snow, and spending my time knitting and writing. Winter is my season of planning and making.

Planning for Next Year

tulipssnowimg_6863Every winter I go through a re-evaluation and planning process that is a bit different. It’s that time of year again — I slow down and start planning for what’s coming after the first of January. For the past couple of years, I’ve invited people to join me on the process through an inexpensive e-course and I’d like to do that again this year.

This year I am working on revamping my entire business plan, in a fun and creative way. Check it out. If you have a fiber business, I’d love for you to join me.

Visiting Lithuania in 2017

VilniusMarketMittensThe first retreat we have planned for next year is a 10 trip in Lithuania and Latvia in July.

Winter in Vermont is a lot like winter in Lithuania: cold and snowy! But summer in Lithuania is even better than here in Vermont, with sunset after 11 and long, bright days full of fun. The wonderful summers make up for the cold, dark winters.

Join us next summer and travel around these countries, exploring the fabulous knitting of Eastern Europe. Get more info here about our first Lithuanian Knitting Tour. Only a few spots are left.

Knitting with Meaning

As you know, I love the stories that go with knitting, and the meaning that those stories add to every project. Sometimes the words get lost over time, but the stitches themselves can still tell a story. My newest ebook, Symbols in Stitches, is all about the stories that we can find in the symbols of folk art. Whether it’s pottery, wood carving, weaving, or knitting, the symbols used in traditional artwork around the world are full of wonderful stories that we can still relate to even in the twenty-first century.

Symbols In Stitches

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