Will your next great sweater require a swatch?

Scenario #1: The usual.
Martha has a pattern for a nice sweater. She got the exact yarn that was used in the pattern, the right size of needles, and all other materials. She is set to knit. It is going to be her favorite sweater. Martha is very excited and cannot wait to start. She thinks: “What size do I choose from this pattern? I think it has to be M (medium) since I always buy clothes of that size at the store.” The pattern tells her to cast on a certain number of stitches and follow step-by-step instructions. We do not see Martha for some time. Next time we see her we are very concerned. She looks Will your next great sweater require a swatch? 1upset. She tells us that she chose the wrong pattern. She says: “ It is a bad pattern. I followed the instructions and my sweater came out too small around and too short. I wasted the time, the yarn, and I have no sweater.”

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