15 Jul 2010

Where does the time go?

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Didn’t we just get here? I can’t believe that the first phase of my summer journey is almost over. We will be leaving Cumbria on Monday and England next Tuesday, and I haven’t even blogged about Woolfest yet. I guess that won’t be happening, but I did write about it on previous visits, so you can review those posts if you’d like.

It took a while to get settled into a routine here but I finally got a ton of work done. I’m still procrastinating a bit about the Lithuanian book, but I got so many other things crossed off my list, and more importantly no new things added, that I will be down to just that one project to complete soon enough. And I’ll have two month in Lithuania!

The next three weeks will be spent in three different places:

1) Amsterdam visiting a friend, seeing the sighs, and writing two articles (one on Victorian knitting & Dorothy Reade and another on Beatrix Potter & Herdwick sheep in the Lake District)

2) Brittany visiting friends and knitting (socks for the Lithuanian book)

3) Scotland teaching at UK Knit Camp and knitting (socks for the Lithuanian book)

Well, I was intending to write a longer post about travels and transitions but I’ve just realized how much I need to get done before Monday AND we are going to visit Antonia Young to talk about Edith Durham this afternoon, a 2-1/2 hour drive, and spend the night, I am getting my hair done on Saturday, and we want to go to Cock Rock on the weekend too. Life is short!

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