What’s important to me?

I had to do a little soul searching this week, after going away for a funeral, seeing the news about Boston and Texas, and getting into a tiff with a friend over something business related. With all of that going on, I found myself taking a closer look at my personal and business values to make sure I am focusing my life and work where it is the most meaningful to me, without falling into the rut of just doing things to make money and pay the bills. I also want to keep things in perspective, and realize that most of my worries, concerns, and anxieties are not at all important in the grander scheme of things. I have not had limbs blown off. I have not lost a child, parent, or spouse to an explosion. I have not been a victim of violence in any way. I am fortunate in so many ways. I do not want to let the little personal things that are trivial make me fly off the handle or get depressed or drive me to drink, etc. My life is good and I am blessed to be able to indulge in these life and work values:

Personal values/desires
  • Peace and quiet
  • Family, friends, people
  • Creative expression
  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Process (making things)
 Business values/desires
  • Work at home, not be pestered
  • Support colleagues and vendors
  • Self direction
  • Travel by choice
  • Support my life and home
  • Choosing my own projects

I have my own business so I can live life on my own terms. Making money is only a secondary goal to me. I only need money in that it contributes to my ability to experience and nurture my values, both in my private life and in my business. I am fortunate that I can do something I love and pay my bills.

  1. Amen. I am getting ready to vend at a show this next weekend, and last week put me in a state of mind of “Does it really matter?” We are blessed that we can knit, spin, weave, crochet, or “make” something that soothes us and comforts us and gives us peace. We have much to be grateful for. Thanks for the blog reminder.

  2. Donna, I am constantly thinking about these things. Handling two careers makes one ponder about it. I believe both in buisness and in creative pursuits one has to have a clear understanding of directions, i.e., where one is heading. Another thing is to maintain your own voice, so to say.

  3. traumatic events always make us re evaluate priorities. If it won’t matter this time next year ,it probably isn’t important.
    I constantly struggle with not overreacting to minor upsets . Often my ego is to blame because I felt embarrassed,I fear not achieving a goal or some other reason. I hate being caught unprepared. I forget to breath first. Think,then react.
    Forgive yourself and move on ,monitoring yourself asking why did I get upset? or what need was met or not met?

  4. Cheryl Scallon says:

    When I searched for my values, I imagined crossing a tightrope stretched between the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Buildings in Chicago on a cold, windy, rainy night. Strengthened by my Faith, I would take that journey for my family, my friends, and my patients. To me, those values dictate my every action. I knit to bring peace to myself, so that I can be a better and a stronger person. Self care gives me the endurance and the freedom to help others, perhaps by smiling at someone who appears grumpy or by offering a kind word to someone who has runout of steam. My entire life is directed by those values and it is the simplicity of those values that are important to me.

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