16 Mar 2019

Did you know that in the 17th century, it was illegal for women to paint in oils? That’s why Maria Sibylla Merian, our guide for this year’s adventures, painted in watercolor. She, like all other artists of the time, made her own paints by grinding pigments and mixing them with gum arabic, the sap of the acacia tree. She learned how to do this when she was a child, and later in her life, she sold ground pigments to other artists as part of her business.

I’m so excited about this adventure we’re going on together. Dom and I are gathering up everything for your first package, and I’m busy painting and dyeing all week to get the last parts ready for him to pack up! Fortunately, I don’t have to grind and mix paints or dyes, I can buy them ready made. Although I do love dyeing with natural dyes made mostly from plants, and since I tend to go overboard with everything I love to do, I will probably try my hand at making my own watercolor paints eventually.

What are you working on while you’re waiting for your first adventure package?

Watercolor Painting 1

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3 Responses to Watercolor Painting
  1. Trying to catch up; a nasty cold laid me low. I have a sweater (Aran) that was in my languishing pile that I have pulled out and am trying to power on but these past days all I have been able to knit is a 4-color helix hat. Something simple for a brain that feels bran-stuffed!

    • No need to catch up! Just follow along as you can. The real stuff comes when the packages ship and I will post some videos and tips to go with the pattern. Then we can also discuss the stories in the booklet, too.

  2. I love my watercolor, thank you!

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