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One of my favorite classes I teach is Design Your Own Lace Stitches. I’m teaching a special 2-day version of this class at Fiber College of Maine on September 3rd and 4th, and there are still openings!

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dreade4In this class we cover both the artistic and technical sides of designing original hand-knit lace, looking at many samples in my personal collection.This class is not just for designers or aspiring designers. If you knit lace and you’ve thought about creating a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personal style, this class is for you. You’ll learn how to find inspiration all around you and use the creativity and knitting skills that you already have to design and knit unique pieces that tell the story of your life.

But, if you ARE a designer and you want to take the next step from designing garments using a stitch library to creating your own unique stitches, this class will bring you into the next phase of your career!

Photo May 28, 11 46 37 AMDon’t miss out. I rarely get to teach the extended version of this class, and it’s jam packed with ideas, inspiration, techniques, tips, and the “physics of knitting” specifically as applied to lace. You will learn more about using yarn overs and decreases to form an openwork knitting than you can even imagine! Plus we’ll talk about borders, fabric bias, shawl shapes, and more… and take it all the way to creating a plan for your original garment design.

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Here’s the formal class description:

Designing Your Own Lace with Donna Druchunas

Eskimo women in Alaska have been knitting qiviut (musk ox down) into lace since the 1960s. In this workshop, we will examine their unique pattern stitches, inspired by Eskimo artifacts, and learn how to chart our own custom lace patterns by adapting designs from other art forms. We will start by charting a basic diamond using yarn overs, then we will study several types of decreases and learn how each decrease works to create a different result with the same arrangement of yarn overs. We will also learn how to accentuate lace patterns with an outline stitch. Each student will then design and chart several lace patterns, and knit a swatch of each to see what works and what doesn’t work on the needles. Finally, we will review basic patterns for lace projects such as scarves, stoles, and ponchos, and each student will work on designing a project.

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