Victorian Knitting Mysteries

Victorian knitting patterns were often mysteries, since there were no diagrams or photos in many of the books. The flower book I have is one of those.

This is the only image in the book:

Victorian Knitting Mysteries 1

Here’s our pattern, in all its dense, textual beauty:

Victorian Knitting Mysteries 2

Victorian Knitting Mysteries 3

I charted the flower petal from our pattern. You start by casting on 4 sts, then after the first row you increase at the beginning of each row by making a yarn over. You work the new stitches into k2, p2 ribbing.

Victorian Knitting Mysteries 4

I haven’t made this flower yet. I did make the Tiger Lily for Piecework magazine a few years ago. Here’s a picture of my finished flower. The tiger lily petals are made in Stockinette stitch, but the stems, pistils, stamen, leaves, and buds are very similar to the white lily.

Shall we gather materials and try to knit a white lily together? The pattern calls for 5/0 needles (size 19 in the old UK measurements) but I used size 2/0 for this flower.

Victorian Knitting Mysteries 5

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