yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

Knitting Archaeology

Follow the life and work of Dorothy Reade as she explores knitting and patterns from places as far apart as Alaska, Japan, and Peru. Creating original motifs, stitches, and projects for her family, art museums, and antique knitting restorations.

Next shipment begins Sept 29, 2022

Lin Wool Handbag / Purse

Now in our 4th year!

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yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont
yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont
Another club?

There are hundreds of yarn & fiber clubs out there these days. I wanted to make something different with with my experience in knitting, art, crafting, and more. The theme of the yarn club is based on past projects developed over the past 18 years with all new patterns, designs, and techniques. I hope you can join me on the journey with learning new skills or just enjoying my new knitting projects.– Designer Donna Druchunas

yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

Who is Dorothy Reade?

yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

“If you knit, chances are you’ve heard of Barbara Walker, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and Mary Walker Phillips. But you may not have heard of Dorothy Reade. Yet these ingenious women were all equally responsible for the rise of knitting’s popularity in the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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Unfortunately you can not choose which yarn you receive in your box. Yarn through March 2023 will include various blends to go with your current pattern.

Have questions? Need help with the current months project? Want to meet Donna? We will create free prerecorded videos on YouTube to help you finish your projects.

Sample video from 6/2021. Talking about amber in Lithuania and Eastern Europe.

  • Diamond Scarf
  • Beaded Cowl w/Dorothy Reed Stitch
  • Linen Placemats
  • Doily Purse
  • Cable Stocks
  • Fingerless Gloves

Intermediate to experienced knitters.

You will have an option to purchase extra skeins in which you can create either a larger version of the project OR a separate matching project. For example: A bigger cowl, or a matching hat (charted patterns included)

Every other month you will receive 1 premium skein of yarn (option to sign up for more)  all hand chosen by the Designer Donna Druchunas.

  • Various styles of yarns with different weights.
  • 3 of our 6 projects will have custom dyed yarns.
  • Stitch markers.
  • 8 1/2 x 11 booklet with stories about the stitches and Dorothy Reade.
  • Printed pattern booklet that includes charts.
  • We may include an item from the great state of Vermont. 🙂
  • A cotton knitting bag (hand dyed and designed by Donna).

The non-custom dyed yarns will be colors chosen by Donna specifically to suit each project from yarn companies in the USA and Lithuania (linen). ?

All professionally printed in the USA.

Every other month you will receive a box in the mail with a skein of yarn (option to purchase two or three skeins). You will be charged today with next shipments to begin:

Vermont Yarn Club - Lithuanian Folktales 17March 30th, May 30th, July 30th, Sept 30, 2022 and so on.


Which box do I receive today?

Example: Purchase/Renew Feb – March 25th, you’ll receive the March package.

The knitting patterns are exclusive to the yarn club, however, we do release the patterns 1 year after their release for the yarn club. For instance, club pattern releases in 2020, will be available June 2021.

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yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

Over 25 years of knitting experience under her needles & running a kitting business for 17 yrs, Donna is well versed in the knitting industry. Teacher, mentor, designer, artist, and so much more. You may have seen her in Interweave magazine, Vogue knitting Magazine, knitting books, knitting retreats, Craftsy.com, or countless knitting articles over the years.

She is now running her own knitting store with retreats, lessons, & products to purchase in upper Vermont.

yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

“I told my husband that your stuff is so wonderful.The yarn is beautiful. The kits are so wonderfully thought out, and presented so beautifully plus all the hard work you put into the instructions and booklets. Your kits teach us about the world. And the Zoom class. No one does that. You make sure we knitters know what we are doing so we don’t have a closet or plastic boxes full of zip lock bags with yarn in them. You help us! ”

– Denise, New York

Get extra skeins

Extra skeins give you the option to make a larger project or an extra project. Matching socks or mittens, extra hat, etc. All patterns are included with all options below. Patterns are written & charted. Intermediate to expert knitters. Subscription is ongoing till you cancel.

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One Skein Project
Paid every other month

yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

1 Skein of Yarn (100gr)
Booklet of Dorothy Reade
Pattern Booklet
Stitch Markers
Cotton Knitting in every box
Never Before Seen Knitting Pattern
A present from Vermont USA
Free Shipping
Cancel Anytime
No Commitments
Subscription Continues Till You Cancel at Anytime
$68.99 CREDIT DEBIT CARDS $68.99 with PAYPAL
Two Skein Project
Paid every other month

yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

2 Skeins of Yarn (200gr)
Everything You SeeIn The One Skein Project. Makes larger project than the one skein. Example: Larger Shawl
$83.99 CREDIT/debit Cards $83.99 with PAYPAL
Three Skien project
Paid every other month

yarn club, knitting archeaology, Vermont

3 Skeins of Yarn (300gr)
Everything You SeeIn The One Skein Project. Makes extra project or larger one skein project.
$99.99 Credit/Debit Cards $99.99 with PAYPAL

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