Vermont Fiber Spinning Club - Subscription 1
Next shipment is Nov 30th, 2020

Fiber batts | Random fiber & Random Colors from Vermont Shepherds.

  • Packages are shipped around Nov 30th, Jan 30th, March 30th, May 30th, 2020/2021
  • Limited club subscriptions available. 18 of 50 left.
  • Cancel anytime.

Last Months Comments:

Vermont Fiber Spinning Club - Subscription 2Last Months Comment: Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying spinning the fiber you sent — I love LOVE the texture, and am really looking forward to an education on the textures of wool from different breeds. There’s a truckload I don’t know about how to do all this, but I am really having fun and hope that I’m actually acquiring new skills, rather than a bunch of bad habits. Don’t know how much of the yarn I am making will be usable, but I believe some will, and it will be fun to figure out that part of things when the day comes. Thanks for this experience!  – Katherine –

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Vermont Fiber Spinning Club - Subscription 5Every other month you’ll get a 4-8 ounce breed-specific wool batt from a Vermont farm, randomly hand dyed by Shepherd Katie of Cloverworks Farm.

Each batt will come with information about the sheep, farm, and fiber prep as well as tips for spinning this type of wool. The batt is scoured, carted, and hand dyed. 100% Wool from local Vermont farms. Ready to spin into wonderful knitting/crochet projects.

A pamphlet will be included with a very simple pattern and ideas what to do with your finished product.

Vermont Fiber Spinning Club - Subscription 6

If you are a seasoned fiber spinner and want to try out different breeds of sheep from Vermont. Are you a beginner spinner or just learning? This subscription club is just for you. You can practice with different sheep breeds.
Every other month your package typically includes 4 ounces or more of fiber that is scoured, carted, and hand dyed. We may also send raw fiber that is washed, cleaned and ready to spin. All fiber is from one of our local sheep farms in our area. We only work with local yarns.
Subscription payments are every other month for $39.99. You will be subscribed for 6 payments for 1 year. Your subscription WILL NOT auto renew. CANCEL ANYTIME. PayPal & all Credit Cards excepted.
If you subscribe today, you will receive the next months package on or around the 30th. Look above at “when does it ship” for schedule. Each March of the year, our theme changes. We will notify you when it does.
We are working with local shepherds to move some of their stored up raw wool to market. Many shepherds in Vermont have local wool’s and have no place to sell them. We are working with local mills in New England to bring these local fibers to you the consumer. Farmers have not been able to bring their products to farmers markets or fiber shows due to covid-19 virus.

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