Toy Knitting in WWII


A guest post by Rohn Strong

Toy knitting is a tried and true tradition most knitters have experienced at least once in their career. I adore knitting toys. Ok, not really. The knitting can be fiddly. I mean, who wants to knit eight stitches in the round on double pointed needles for 12 inches just to make a leg? Not me. Nope.

However, I do it. Why? Because it makes me feel connected, in one way or antoher, to the past. To the mothers who knit such toys for their children when going to the store and purchasing just about anything, was impossible. These knitted toys brought great joy to the children who played with them.

So, I cast on and knit. I knit for days. I knit small legs, little arms, embroider faces, and tie on some hair. When Donna asked me to design and write for book 3 of the Stories in Stitches series, I was on board from the beginning, but I wanted to do something different. I could have knit a hat or a pair of socks. I chose a doll. Why? It called to me.

These dolls felt as if they belonged in my portfolio. When I saw them I immediately flashed back to WWII. A time where so many children lived in constant fear. Their fathers were off fighting in a part of the world they had barely studied in school. They waited, holding their breath, for a letter to come. A correspondence of some sort. Then, unfortunately, sometimes it wasn’t the letter they wanted.

20140423-222737.jpgThe war was not fought on the front lines but it was fought in the neighborhoods, the porches, the doorstops, the kitchen tables. The war took hold of every area of life and held on for years.

I imagined that each of these dolls was knitted for a child whose father was away. I could see their mothers knitting the night away with their left over wool. Then the child receiving the doll and the look of joy on his/her face.

What can I say? I have one active imagination!

I hope that each and every one of you love the dolls and the story that goes along with them. Why not make one and give it away to someone important in your life? Let’s keep this tradition going.

Heritage_Collection__Interior_for_Kindle-92_medium2To celebrate the launch of Stories in Stitches 3 I am having a giveaway! Just comment on this post and tell us what your favorite toy was growing up – something that evokes a strong memory – and you can win a vintage turban kit! You will get the pattern and yarn to complete the turban, an iconic piece from WWII!

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— Rohn Strong

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