Lithuania is a knitter’s paradise—hand-knitted garments fill tourist street markets to overflowing, traditional crafts are celebrated at summer festivals and in open-air museums.
Dive deep into Lithuanian knitting techniques, pattern stitches, and motifs
Explore the stories behind 25 designs for traditional and modern socks, gloves, mittens, and wrist warmers Practice colorwork, textured stitches, lace, entrelac, and more| – Designer Donna Druchunas & June Hall

25 Knitting Patterns

Socks, mittens, gloves, wristers, and more. All patterns are charted.

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Kind Words

It’s so inadequate, but the first word that popped to mind as I pawed through Lithuanian Knitting was “wow.”. Wow, because of the ambitious scope of this volume part armchair travelogue, textile ethnography, tutorial and pattern book— and because of the profound care with which the authors have approached their subject. Filled with personal stories, a rich collection of historic and contemporary photos, knitting techniques and patterns for gloves, socks and more, this impressive tour de Lithuania is likely to bring more attention to this Baltic country as a mecca for textile enthusiasts and source for knitting inspiration. Plus, the book deserves its own exclamation: It’s a beautifully rendered object, from the adorable end papers to the attached satin bookmark. Publishers even thought to have it art-directed and printed in Lithuania to support the country’s economy.

“Stuck in that same old knitting rut? Join Donna Druchunas and June L. Hall on a trip to Lithuania, a wonderful destination for yarn addicts. You will learn new styles, work up 25 patterns, and access a treasure trove of knitting info.”