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Donna’s teaching style and responsiveness to the participants needs and questions. The group was awesome – group size was ideal – 2012 Retreat Attendee


Thank you for an amazing few days. I so very much enjoyed our time with you. You are an amazing person and a wonderful mentor to those of us who share the passion of knitting. It really is amazing how small the world becomes when there is a common link like knitting. – 2013 Retreat Attendee


I loved the sessions with Donna. She has an amazing calm peaceful way about her that supports learners learning. The interactions with the other attendees as well as the trip to the alpaca farm were also highlights of the retreat. The location and time of year was perfect. I would encourage you not to get cable tv – without the tv we were far more interactive with each and really got to know our fellow housemates. – 2012 Retreat Attendee


What a delight to receive your lovely “goody bags”–that yummy Malabrigo, plus the most excellent Moleskin journal and wonderful pen! I didn’t have the courage to break open the journal, at the retreat–it seems like the sort of thing that invites intense focus, and I look forward to exploring what that format has to teach! – 2015 Retreat Attendee


Loved how Donna would get so excited while teaching! You can tell she loves what she does! Both teachers very personable! – 2016 Retreat Attendee


I felt I learned a great deal from both teachers. The classroom was wonderful. I really enjoyed both of the talks given by the teachers in the evening after dinner. And I was so grateful to Dominic for mailing the boxes of yarn home for us!!! That was extremely helpful and unexpected. – 2016 Trapp Family Lodge


The whole retreat was really just that, a much needed retreat. The teachers and knitters were fun and friendly. Classes great. Food fabulous. Setting, magical. ❤❤❤ – 2016 Retreat Attendee