Donna Druchunas (Owner)

Welcome to Sheep to Shawl, my world of knitting, fiber, and friends!

If you love knitting as much as I do, you want to know the story behind each stitch. Every garment,every sweater, shawl, sock, and glove, carries two stories in its stitches: the story of the knitter who designed and knit the item in the past, and the story you create as you cast on and make a new project for yourself, for a loved one, or for charity.

Although knitters of the past, usually women, seldom left behind a written record of their thoughts, we can learn about them from their needlework, and specifically from their knitting. What did they knit? What materials did they use? What stitches did they practice? What mistakes did they make? The answers to all of these questions are windows into another time and place.

Learning about these stories deepens and adds meaning to our own experience of knitting. As we learn the techniques, tricks, and stories of knitters from far away times and places, we free ourselves to join a long, distinguished and honorable line of creative movers and shakers.

My passion for knitting, and for the processes leading up to the yarn we knit with combined with the stories behind those fibers, yarns and stitches, is what Sheep to Shawl is all about.

I am slow to figure things out. In the late 1990s when I was employed as a technical writer, after working for four different companies over the course of a decade, I realized that I hated my career. One day while we were knitting at the LYS, my friend Kris asked me, “If you can write about how to replace a hard drive, can’t you write about how to knit things?” A light went off in my head and I began to see my way clear of the jobs I hated, into a world filled with fiber and friends who love the same things that I do. That simple question changed my life forever.

My years as a technical writer did not go to waste. The skills I learned writing about computer hardware and software carried over to the knitting world, writing patterns and developing books and videos to help you expand your skills and break free from the tyranny of patterns, the way I broke free of the tyranny of my cubicle. My goal is to to teach that one skill, to share that one story, or to ask that one question that will change your life forever.

Won’t you join me as I continue to explore and share the techniques, inspiration, and stories behind our stitches?

Some of my career highlights:

  • 9 Knitting books including the new series, Stories In Stitches
  • Audio CDs
  • Knitting DVDs with Interweave
  • Countless knitting articles in various periodicals
  • Knitting teacher (retreats, wool markets, shops, guilds)
  • Various Knit Alongs on with many patterns (Ravelry: druchunas)
  • Online sock knitting courses on
  • Translation of German knitting books to the English language
  • Successful website ( chock full of knitting information & a boutique store
  • Worked with knitting publishers as a tech editor
  • Recently opened up a local knitting studio

Do want to pick my brain? Want to know how to self publish your book? How about learning how to be in front of a video camera? Publish your knitting patterns, articles, or books with large publishers? Learn about her failures and successes?

Attend a writing retreat, knitting class, or email me today! See me at my home studio in Barton, Vermont (open periodically). Visit my website at for the latest info.

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