Dominic Cotignola (Manager)

Husband to Donna Druchunas & no I do not knit.

I am the behind the scenes guy for Sheep to Shawl, LLC and do the mundane things it takes to run a business. Marketing, printing, website designs, displays, and more. We are a small business located in the Northeast Kingdom (yes, they do call it that) of the US state of Vermont. We are 20 miles from the Canadian border (eh?).

I will be the guy who answers your email about your shipping, payments, retreats, upcoming events and you may just see me personally when we both travel to events around the US & Europe.

Although not related to knitting directly, I use to run a dairy farm bottling plant in Colorado as an assistant manager. I got to know a little about farming and sustainable livestock.  I didn’t grow up on a farm, but do appreciate the hard work that goes into producing our food. I have always had a produce garden it seems. We now live and work on our two acres of land in VT. It’s a small piece of real estate, but it’s large enough to produce and abundance of crops, as well as growing dye plants for us to use as a base for color of our Vermont yarn line (coming 2017).

Suburbia does not sit well with Donna & I and that is why we moved to Vermont in 2012 when the opportunity arose to open a knitting studio and yarn shop in our old farmhouse. Our farmhouse was built in 1877 & of course it is always in need of repair but we both enjoy the challenge.
We live, work, and play on our own little piece of agricultural land. We do not have “regular jobs”.  Sheep to Shawl, LLC is our business, so please support your local small yarn shops. It helps tremendously.

So, It’s always great to hear from our knitters and fans. You can always drop us a line (email), and I generally answer emails the same day. Yes, we are real people and love to help you out in your knitting projects or just learning a new technique.