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  Take an online course with me as your teacher. If you have taken my Craftsy.com sock classes, you know that I take my time with students and answers all your questions online. No question is too small or dumb. Now take a class with me to learn how to publish your book.  With my 14 […]

Taking the photographs for a knitting book is as important as making the samples and doing the writing. For Stories In Stitches™ 2, we had three different locations. The Anna Marie Jensen shawls and doilies were shot in Colorado by Ava’s husband, Rich. The cardigan and pi shawl featuring Dorothy Reade’s motifs were shot in […]

I don’t like the number two. 2. It looks like such an innocuous, even innocent, number. But looks can be deceiving. I’ve recently gained enough weight for the number I see when I look down while I’m standing on the bathroom scale to begin with a two. I’ve never weighed 200 pounds before. I’ve always […]

w00t! The Arctic Lace audio book is now available! Hear me tell the story in my own voice. PDF patterns are just $1.99 each from KnitPicks, so you can still make the projects if you buy the audio book instead of the paper book.Out Loud Audiobookswww.ou…