High and Low-tech Knitting

The idea of slow knitting is what initially led me to this book. “It’s not what you think it is,” we’re told at the beginning of this chapter. read more →

Travel the world knitting by Donna Druchunas

This ground breaking app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch offers a wide range of designs from Donna Druchunas inspired and informed by her world wide travels and in depth research on the history of knitting. read more →

Travel the World of Knitting App by Donna Druchunas

This ground-breaking app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch brings together a wide range of designs by Donna Druchunas based on her travels and historical research. These favorite patterns are pulled from her published books with some previously only available in paper form, as well as some original patterns never-before-released. The patterns are inspired by her travels around the globe investigating local knitting techniques and researching the history of knitting. read more →

My Teaching/Travel Packing List:CLOTHES:** wear one outfit from this list **…

My Teaching/Travel Packing List: CLOTHES: ** wear one outfit from this list ** – 2 pairs of jeans – 3 skirts – 2 dresses – 8 tops – 2 cardigans – 2 shawls – 3 pairs of shoes: sneakers, closed toe, boots – 6 pairs of socks – 3 pairs of leggings – 1 PJ… read more →

Over 10,000 miles!

As you know from last year’s posts on this blog, we traveled to a lot of places in 2010. We clocked over 10,000 miles and maybe over 15,000 miles but we were not keeping track. Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, New York, and hopping around Europe every three weeks for 4 months. That being said, we like.. read more →

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