Free Pattern: Did Lace Knitting Originate in Spain?

Some knitting traditions are famous around the world, while others, just as interesting and beautiful, are less celebrated outside of their local areas. Such is the case with knitting in Spain. read more →

Lesson: Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the round is quite easy, and many people love it so much they never knit back and forth once they try circular knitting. It eliminates the need to sew seems, which can be an added bonus if you don’t like finishing. read more →

Lesson: Crochet Bobbles

I find that its easier and faster to make bobbles with a crochet hook than by knitting back-and-forth on three-or-four stitches in the more conventional bobble. I also like the shape of the crochet bobble better. It is rounder and “puffier” than a conventional bobble. read more →

Symbols and Ornament in Lithuanian Knitting

There are so many interesting types of colorwork patterns in Lithuanian knitting that I am finding it difficult to decide what to include. I’ve decided that I need to include charts in each of these categories: read more →