Knit from my stash? (Feb 25, 2007)

1) Habu “a-32b” mohair and silk from Japan! Wow, this stuff is gorgeous and so lightweight. I’ve been wanting to remake the Skeleton Scarf from Arctic Lace in mohair (because I gave the qiviut version to the test knitter as payment), and this yarn just called out to me. I didn’t feel too bad buying.. read more →

Going on a trip (TNNA) 2007

This is an old blog post from our visit to TNNA in San Diego, CA 2007.  Donna will be attending the TNNA conference in Phoenix, AZ in early 2012. ————– Sunday, January 07, 2007 Hi Everyone. Dom and I are going on a trip next week. We’re visiting San Diego, where we lived from 1989.. read more →

This is definitely my next for-fun project.

This is definitely my next for-fun project. Aniomagic – beginner kit example – ‘bonsey’www.aniomagic.comAniomagic is etextiles. read more →

My creative and knitting work.

I want to go deeper with some of my creative and knitting work. I love and feel inspired by this exhibit “Knitting Along the Viking Trail” by Elsebeth Lavold. I have been thinking about going in some new directions for the past few years. I don’t know … read more →

Knitter’s wine glasses from Your Daily Fiber in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Knitter’s wine glasses from Your Daily Fiber in Fort Collins, Colorado. read more →

Symbols and Ornament in Lithuanian Knitting

There are so many interesting types of colorwork patterns in Lithuanian knitting that I am finding it difficult to decide what to include. I’ve decided that I need to include charts in each of these categories: read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Lace and Colorwork Wimple by Annie Modesitt

I love charted lace patterns, I often try to create charted lace out of a favorite colorwork. In this case I thought it would be interesting to reverse the process and use elements of a charted lace motif to create a colorwork pattern. read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Trellis and Flowers Stole by Alice Scherp

My shawl is 7 feet long and 2 feet wide, but it only weighs about two and one half ounces. The colors are teal and natural qiviut. I spun the yarn, with a blend of eighty percent qiviut, ten percent silk, and ten percent merino wool. The resulting shawl is so fine that it will pass through a size 6 1/2 ring! read more →

Liverpool, UK Part 1

We visited a couple of yarn shops and I bought some cotton/corn yarn from Rowan to make a pair of lace gloves. There is plenty of sheepy stuff in Liverpool too!
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