Knitting Needle App iPhone/iPad

Have your entire knitting needle and crochet hook inventory at your fingertips with Knitting Needles. Before buying another needle or hook, check your Knitting Needles inventory to avoid duplicates. read more →

Is it rude to knit?

Is it rude to knit while visiting friends and chatting around the table? read more →

Isn’t this mitten/glove interesting?

Isn’t this mitten/glove interesting? The word pirštinės can mean either. read more →

Knitted iPod or iPhone Case

iPod knitted case. The interesting thing is that the cord for your earbuds is covered in yarn. Claims to stop the cords from tangling. Make them any color you want with yarn laying around in your stash. read more →

Political Yarn Art

[one_half]Anna, from Lille, France, recreates news events by knitting dolls and posting images on a blog, which is called Delit Maille (in English, Criminal Stitch) in honour of the Daily Mail. Taking a personal perspective of notable stories, this one shows French President Nicolas Sarkozy wooing German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a beach, to represent.. read more →

Finishing my Lithuanian knitting book.

This is the month of finishing my Lithuanian knitting book! I’ve made a list of what needs to be done and hired a professional nagger to help me break it into doable daily chunks. It’s so close, I can taste it. And I’m not doing anything else until it’s finished. read more →

Knitting Cupcakes

More info here: read more →

Free Pattern: Easy Cable Scarf & Headband

This easy scarf and headband will give you practice making cables. It’s perfect for anyone needing a bit of warmth. read more →

Portrait of a Knitter with Donna Druchunas

An interview I did recently. Eddie: Why knitting? Donna: I particularly like the portability, and the ability to explore so much creativity in such small projects. The fact that I learned to knit as a little girl also makes me slightly sentimental about knitting. I am primarily interested in historical and traditional knitting techniques and.. read more →

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