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My grandmother taught me how to knit before I learned how to read. I’ve read voraciously for my whole life, but I didn’t keep knitting as I grew up. Every year, it seemed, I learned a new craft and left the others behind. Knitting came first, followed by crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, weaving, beading, decoupage, and candle making.

Here’s an article about Kelly Bridges from the Elegant Ewe yarn shop in Concord, New Hampshire, and her experiences with qiviut. Like me, she has fallen in love with the fiber and has recently been using qiviut from Greenland.

Have you ever seen the instruction ktbl or k2tog-tbl (knit through the back loop) and wonder what, exactly “tbl” means? Ktbl stands for “knit through back loop.” Just as “pick up” and “pick up and knit” are somewhat confusing terminology, “knit through the back loop” can also be confusing, because each knit stitch has only one loop on the needle.

Whether you are giving a handmade gift or using a hangtag to help sell your wares, a personalized label will set it apart. A rubber stamp is all that is required. It can also be used on stationery letterhead or when sending a package through the mail.