Knitting is Tedious

Knitting is so much more than a tedious way to make clothes or hats or socks. Knitting is soothing meditation, as you knit across a plain row to relax. read more →

Lithuania Knitting Book Cover Ideas

How a book is born. Initial cover ideas for my Lithuania knitting book. The final cover may not look anything like this, but it’s starting to feel like it’ll actually be a real book! read more →

A Pi Shawl Is A Perfect Canvas

Here’s a collection of yesterday’s pi shawl recipe posts. A pi shawl is a perfect canvas for a lace sampler, because it has several sections of plain knitting between increase rounds. With this basic recipe, you can design your own shawl to collect your favorite lace stitches, or if you’re a new knitter, make it.. read more →

Stories in Stitches Book 2

Coming soon Stories in Stitches book 2 by Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman read more →

ALL ABOARD!! Let’s all go on a knitting cruise

Baltic Knitting Cruise ~ August 15 – 27, 2014 This is going to be an exciting cruise visiting some of the best ports in the Baltic. We have developed an on board educational program designed specifically for this cruise itinerary. Classes are taught while the ship is at sea and while in port you are.. read more →

Free Pattern: Aunt Phebe’s Comfort Shawl

This pattern is very forgiving and you should not get stressed out over having an extra stitch! I had one a couple of times on my shawl, but I couldn’t find any mistakes after I finished knitting and examined the shawl. read more →

Yarn Tasting Journal

Yarn Tasting Journal: a new product going to the printer today. A fun thing I made while procrastinating on writing. Stay tuned… get notified when it comes out. Join the newsletter Click to enlarge read more →

Travel the World of Knitting App by Donna Druchunas

This ground-breaking app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch brings together a wide range of designs by Donna Druchunas based on her travels and historical research. These favorite patterns are pulled from her published books with some previously only available in paper form, as well as some original patterns never-before-released. The patterns are inspired by her travels around the globe investigating local knitting techniques and researching the history of knitting. read more →

The next book, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions.

The next book, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions. read more →

Lesson: Single Crochet Edging

Working a single crochet edging along a piece of knitting is quite easy — if you already know how to crochet. read more →