Knitting and Crochet: A Marriage Made in History

Combining crochet and knitting is not a new idea at all. The two crafts have been used together for centuries, and many knitting books published in United States during the first half 20th century also included crochet instructions. read more →

FALL COLORS: Socks and Stockings

With my research in Lithuania I have found many more examples of old mittens, gloves, and wristers than I have socks. read more →

High and Low-tech Knitting

The idea of slow knitting is what initially led me to this book. “It’s not what you think it is,” we’re told at the beginning of this chapter. read more →

I’m in the Spotlight at Knitting Daily…The Spotlight Is On Donna Druchunas!…

I’m in the Spotlight at Knitting Daily…The Spotlight Is On Donna Druchunas!Donna’s in-depth exploration of traditional ethnic techniques give her a unique perspective into the world of knitting. Anyone with a passion for knitting history and an inter… read more →

Ethnic Knitting Book Introduction

Take a peak into the books as Donna explains what’s inside these books and what you will learn. read more →

My publisher: Nomad press

Be sure to check out Deb Robson’s blog. Publisher of Arctic Lace and Ethnic knitting books. She just returned from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I love the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Some time I need to look back in my records and see which was the year I first attended, after Linda Berry.. read more →

Review of Successful Lace Knitting

A great customer review of Successful Lace knitting on Amazon this past week. I am an avid lace knitter. I love to knit just about any lace pattern that is good and I am particular about the patterns that I choose. Successful Lace Knitting: Celebrating… read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Lace Mesh Triangular Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark

Lace Mesh was used for this triangular shawl that is knit from the top down to a scalloped edging. Since the edging can be worked after any 20-row repeat, the size of the shawl can be customized. read more →

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