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I love teaching and writing and knitting. Sometimes I get discouraged in my work, and I think that it is frivolous and meaningless and just a way of making money, but then I remember that adding even a little bit of beauty into the world is a small step toward making the world a better place.

Another 2011 yarn discovery. I found oodles of yarn in Williston, Vermont. I was in Vermont to visit family, but of course I had to scout out at least one yarn shop. The Northeast Fiber Arts Center calls itself a “candy store for knitters, weavers & spinners,” and that is definitely just what it is.

My interest in knitting has been kept alive over the years by the almost infinite variety of color, pattern, and texture that is found in collections of knitters and museums around the world. Although I love the smooth, quiet repetition of knitting a rectangular scarf in garter stitch using a luxurious yarn, it is the endless diversity of technique and style that keeps me interested in knitting as more than a way to keep my hands busy while watching TV.