Crochet and Knitted glass

Some very interesting art using knitting. Each piece has been individually knitted or crocheted by hand. They are then heated and manipulated through several firings at a very high temperature, eventually emerging as a formed glass vessel. Because of this hand crafted process, all the pieces are original and individual with no two being exactly.. read more →

QR Code knitted glove and bag idea.

Knit a QR code glove. QR codes are printed on many things today. You can scan them (take photo) with your cellphone camera and will send you to webpages to get information about a certain topic. read more →

Do knit disturb.

B&B in Brighton, UK that has everything knitted. read more →

Free Pattern: Cell Phone Case

Ever since I read Andean Folk Knits by Marcia Lewandowsky, I’ve been in love with the little colorful change purses that the women of the Andes knit. This is my version, using a little wave pattern, adapted as a cell phone case. read more →

Knitted-felted boots. Cool, huh? I could not resist this pattern from Northeast…

Knitted-felted boots. Cool, huh? I could not resist this pattern from Northeast Fiber Arts Center. www.northeastfiberarts.comWall Photos read more →

Free Pattern: 100 Meter Dash Hat

Here’s a quick hat that takes 1 ball of yarn with 100 meters (109 yards). You can probably make it in one evening. It took me about 90 minutes. read more →

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