Knitting is Tedious

Knitting is so much more than a tedious way to make clothes or hats or socks. Knitting is soothing meditation, as you knit across a plain row to relax. read more →

ALL ABOARD!! Let’s all go on a knitting cruise

Baltic Knitting Cruise ~ August 15 – 27, 2014 This is going to be an exciting cruise visiting some of the best ports in the Baltic. We have developed an on board educational program designed specifically for this cruise itinerary. Classes are taught while the ship is at sea and while in port you are.. read more →

Join The Arctic Lace Luxury Yarn Club

The chance to travel with Arctic Lace author, Donna Druchunas, as she cruises down the Alaska coastline. But maybe you couldn’t come with me, or maybe you want even more. Join the yarn club today. read more →

Knitting Lithuanian Socks with Donna Druchunas DVD

Here’s a preview of my new Lithuanian Sock Knitting DVD from Interweave Press! read more →

Interview with Math 4 Knitters

If you would like to know more about me and my history of knitting, visit lastest podcast (audio) . read more →

Interviewing Myself

This is a blog post from The Art of Non-Conformity with my personal notes added. . This is how you do it. First, sit yourself down wherever you like to sit. Get coffee or your drink of choice. Turn off the distractions and take it seriously. (Wouldn’t you take another interview seriously?) Then you open.. read more →

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