Summer of Love

Well, I’m off to a slow start. I intended to have these baby hat patterns posted last month, but I had to get a full time job for a while, so my other activities had to slow down. I also wanted to write an essay about preemies, and how they need the warmth and protection that we can provide with our knitting, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I do think that babies need these things, and that it is wonderful to be able to help get a new life off to a good start. But there is so much suffering and pain in this world and so much darkness in the news and on the horizon, that I have trouble celebrating the birth of a child (which is one of the reasons I do not have any children of my own).

have been thinking about Knitting for Change all summer, however, as I’ve come across articles about knitting all over the internet and in books and magazines at local yarn shops and even at the grocery store.

After much thought and worrying about what to say about babies and preemies, 

I’ve decided to make month’s discussion focus on love

with baby caps symbolizing the beauty within all people

We are all born as wonderful and harmless infants, equal and innocent. The disadvantages that many of us face because of poverty, prejudice, disease, and abuse separate us into our own little circles where we rarely make the effort to interact with people from other walks of life. These tragedies are neither deserved nor inevitable. My hope in presenting ideas in this blog is to remind you–and myself!–that there is nothing special about our own situations. If anything, I have been very lucky in my life and with that luck comes the responsibility to share the love and material goods that I have received with those who have not been so fortunate.

As you knit a cap for an innocent, untouched newborn, I hope you will think about giving the same love to all people–to those who are like you and, especially, to those who are not. I believe that it is only by getting to know people personally, as friends, coworkers, and neighbors, that prejudice can come to an end. It is easy to dislike, and even to hate, strangers and faceless groups of “others” whom we fear, but it is just as easy to accept and love the people around us, no matter how they dress, what color their skin is, what accent they speak with, or what religion they do (or don’t!) belong to. My challenge to each of you this month, is to get to know someone who is completely different than you are. Don’t try to change them. Just share your love and, perhaps, your knitting. You will find that your view of the world will expand, and you will grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You never know, after all, who that angelic baby will grow up to be…

Subversive Knitting

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