05 Aug 2010

SUMMER OF LACE: Ripple and Bead Cardigan by Sauniell Conolly

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Successful Lace Knitting

DD: Thank for joining us on the Successful Lace Knitting blog series, and for contributing this lovely cardigan design to the book. Can you start out by telling us a little bit about your design?


SC: The Ripple & Bead Cardigan uses an all-over lace pattern to give the garment an intricate look. A simple drop sleeve is used to give it a classic style while providing shaping simplicity when working the lace pattern.


DD: What stitch pattern did you use and why did you choose it?


Ripple and Bead Swatch

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SC: I used Dorothy Reade’s Ripple and Bead Mesh for this cardigan. I chose this particular pattern because it was a stylish lace look that would also give enough coverage to give a cardigan some warmth. I wanted to have a balance of style and versatility.


DD: Did you make any changes to the chart, or use different decreases than Dorothy Reade used? If so, please explain the changes you made and your reasons behind them.


SC: In the beginning I experimented with different decreases and stitches. In the end I came to the conlusion that the classics are classics for a reason. There is no reason to improve upon something that is already great.


DD: What yarn did you choose for your project? What made this yarn particularly well suited for this project specifically, and for lace knitting in general?


SC: I chose Louet Gems Worsted Weight for several reasons. For this garment I wanted a yarn that would be soft but sturdy, have great stitch definition, came in great colors, and that would allow someone to get the most use out of it. I have used Louet yarns for many projects and I know that the yarns come in a variety of colors, are soft, and that the machine-washable Gems holds up well over time. I debated between sport or worsted weight but opted for the heavier yarn to acheieve the weight and warmth I was looking for.


Ripple and Bead Cardigan

DD: Do you have any special lace knitting tips related to your project?

SC: I do not have any special tips for this particular project. I abide by my basic lace knitting tips: Don’t try to watch your favorite television show while knitting lace, never stop in the middle of a row, and always mark your charts with the last row you’ve finished knitting.


DD: What kind of knitting needles do you prefer for lace knitting and what makes these needles work well for lace?


SC: For this project, almost any needle works well. With the worsted weight yarn, you don’t ahve to worry as much about using a pointier tipped needle. I tend to use circulars because it allows me to balance the weight better as the pieces get larger. My only suggestion with circulars is to make sure you have a smooth join so the yarn will not snag as you slide the knitting off the cable onto the needle.


DD: Would you like to add any personal comments about designing this project? Perhaps you’d like to comment on any connection between Dorothy Reade’s foundation and your own creative spirit.


SC: Over the yeras my love of lace knitting has grown tremendously. I jumped at the chance to do this because I know that Dorothy Reade’s presence in lace knitting is legendary. I like the idea of being give a classic lace pattern and creating something modern with it. This project played to my two favorite style esthetics: classice yet modern.


DD: Thanks again for sharing so much of your creativity with me, and with all of the readers of Successful Lace Knitting!


Sauniell Nicole Connally began her knitting career in 2001. Originally from Ohio, Sauniell’s fashion design aspirations began at age 11. Although she did not take to knitting immediately, following a move to the cold climate of Minnesota in 2001, her mother suggested she take up knitting. That simple suggestion has inspired Sauniell to endeavor into an area of fashion that provides her endless creativity in fabric and garment construction.


After two years of self study, Sauniell began to design garments for herself and ventured into pattern design for publication on her website, saunshine.blogspot.com. She believes in designing fashionable, yet classic items, and will not design anything she would not wear herself. It is the love of knitwear that has propelled her to follow a life-long passion of fashion design and enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. In between classes, Sauniell continues to design for her website as well as for major online and print publications.

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