SUMMER OF LACE: Lace Mesh Triangular Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark


Successful Lace Knitting

DD: I love your work in designing triangular lace shawls, Evelyn, so I was thrilled that you agreed to participate in this book project. Can you tell us a little about this specfic design?

EC: Lace Mesh was used for this triangular shawl that is knit from the top down to a scalloped edging. Since the edging can be worked after any 20-row repeat, the size of the shawl can be customized. The sample is knit in lace weight Shetland (18 wpi), creating a versatile accessory for both day and evening wear. This design also could be knit in fingering, sport/DK, and light worsted weight (17-11 wpi) yarns.

DD: What stitch pattern did you use and why did you choose it?

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EC: I selected Lace Mesh since it works naturally into a triangular shape. The simplicity of the design shows off the beauty of the lace.

DD: Did you make any changes to the chart, or use different decreases than Dorothy Reade used? If so, please explain the changes you made and your reasons behind them.

No changes were made to Dorothy’s charts. For a left-leaning decrease, I prefer a modified ssk that I learned from Meg Swansen (slip 1 stitch knitwise, replace on holding needle, and knit 2 stitches together through the back loop).

DD: What yarn did you choose for your project? What made this yarn particularly well suited for this project specifically, and for laceknitting in general?


Lace Mesh Triangular Shawl
Lace Mesh Triangular Shawl (click to enlarge)

EC: I was sent the Shetland laceweight and thought it worked well for the design.

DD: What kind of knitting needles do you prefer for lace knitting and what makes these needles work well for lace?

EC: I always use circular knitting needles for lace, and I prefer Skacel’s new line of Addi lace needles.

DD: Would you like to add any personal comments about designing this project? Perhaps you’d like to comment on any connection between Dorothy Reade’s foundation and your own creative spirit.

EC: I have long admired the elegant designs Dorothy did for the Oomingmak, and I’m happy to contribute to Dorothy’s work being available again.

EC: Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us and for using one of Dorothy Reade’s lace motifs in one of your fabulous traingular shawl designs.

Evelyn Clark is a Pacific Northwest native who learned to knit and crochet from her grandmothers. After leaving a corporate career in marketing for a simpler life, she was inspired to pick up her needles again by Elizabeth Zimmermann’s empowering approach to knitting. Along the way, she discovered a passion for lace knitting and enjoys sharing this addiction with others. Spinning is her new obsession, and now handspun yarns are influencing her designs.


Evelyn was the winner of the first Wild Fibers Magazine and Buffalo Gold contest. Her designs have been published by Fiber Trends and Leisure Arts, as well as knitting magazines and yarn companies. Her first book, Knitting Lace Triangles, was published by Fiber Trends in July 2007. For more information, visit her website at

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