17 Aug 2010

SUMMER OF LACE: Copper Queen Beaded Stole by Renee Leverington

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Successful Lace Knitting

DD: Renee, please share with us how you came up with such a beautiful design for your contribution to Successful Lace Knitting because one of my favorite parts of the book is the fact that I was able to have so many designers share their unique outlooks on Dorothy Reade’s lace stitches.


RL: This is a lace stole with beaded accents;  picots added around the edge give a little more visual appeal then a plain garter st border. Some of the beads are added during knitting and the rest are added after blocking. After choosing the yarn color and beads, I decided to name the project “Copper Queen”, inspired by the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona which is not far from Tucson where I grew up.


DD: What stitch pattern did you use and why did you choose it?


Ripple and Bead Swatch

Click to enlarge

RL: The pattern I chose was Ripple and Bead Mesh. I chose this pattern because I thought that the Victorian-style design would make a beautiful shawl. Since my project is a stole, I wanted a pattern that looks the same no matter which way you view it and this one fit the bill. I did not make any changes to the original chart; I only added additional charting to it to accommodate my design.


DD: What yarn did you choose for your project? What made this yarn particularly well suited for this project specifically, and for lace knitting in general?

RL: I chose Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper yarn mostly because I have never worked with it and this was a great opportunity for me to try it. Since it has been used quite a bit for lace projects I knew it would be an excellent choice for this one.


DD: What kind of knitting needles do you prefer for lace knitting and what makes these needles work well for lace?


RL: I prefer needles with a smooth surface since they allow me to work faster than wood or bamboo which tend to “hold on” to the yarn more. The needles I use the most are my Denise Interchangeables, they work well for me and allow me to lengthen as needed without switching needles.



Copper Queen Beaded Stole by Renee Leverington

Copper Queen Beaded Stole


DD: Would you like to add any personal comments about designing this project? Perhaps you’d like to comment on any connection between Dorothy Reade’s foundation and your own creative spirit.


RL: Since I haven’t really worked on a stole project in the past, I chose that shape for this project to provide a different aspect to my design skills. Also, the stole shape is a bit more versatile because it can more easily be used as a scarf than a triangular shawl can. I feel that the st pattern I chose worked well with this shape.

DD: Thanks again for sharing so much of your creativity with me, and with all of the readers of Successful Lace Knitting!


Renee Leverington grew up in Tucson, Arizona and spent all of her life there until she moved to Iowa in 2004. She is married and has a daughter, a grandson and 3 fur kids. Renee learned to crochet when she was about 7 years old and spent many years working on crochet projects – She even designed her own Barbie clothes and accessories. She taught myself how to knit about 20 years ago by making a pair of gloves for her mom – the stitches were a bit tight but they fit! The next time she picked up a pair of needles was about 10 years ago and she hasn’t put them down since, much her my husband’s chagrin! She started designing shawls in 2005 when she decided to run a Mystery Shawl Group on Yahoo. In 2006 she added sock patterns to a knitwear line that she calls “Goddess Knits.”

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