24 Sep 2015

Stories In Stitches 5 Civil War Knitting

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Stories In Stitches 5 pre-orders are now open! Check out this first volume in our series about Civil War era knitting in the USA.



Stories In Stitches 5 Civil War Pre-orderUntil relatively recently in the history of humans, women were treated, and expected to behave, like their children: be seen but not heard. Historically women have been placed in a bubble, the gentle gender, protected and shielded from the harsh realities of what was happening in the world. The worries of life were supposed to flow around them. They were expected to deal with what came their way but not voice their opinions and feelings. Fathers, brothers, and husbands were supposed to be responsible for their care, their well-being, and certainly their opinions.

In Stories In Stitches 5, you’ll learn about women who have inspired both me and Ava to speak out in our own writing. Just as unique as the words that have been spoken by these women are the projects inspired by them. Each one has been crafted to display historically based techniques and traditional stitch motifs, while appealing to the modern knitter. This is how Ava and I speak of our cause. We see a need to learn from past knitters to make our knitting better. Please keep in mind that each time you pick up your needles and yarn, you can demonstrate that there are many ways for knitters’ voices to speak out.

Patterns in Stories in Stitches Civil War: Speaking Out


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