Stories In Stitches 4: Knitting & Spirit | eBook Download


Around the World: Knitting & Spirit


“There are many worthy causes and many ways to find meaning in life. Eventually each of us must come to recognize those causes that are closest to our own hearts and those issues that arouse our strongest passions. These may change many times over the course of a lifetime. Some people find meaning in raising a family, others in pursuing a career, and still others in charity work, volunteering, creating art, crafting, public service, and many other spheres. Every day we must search our hearts to find out what it is that gives us meaning and to find a way to fulfill our purpose. – Donna Druchunas –

  • 6 patterns
  • Charted & written patterns
  • 68 pages saddle stitched book
  • Scarf, Socks, Shawl, Hat., Stole
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