Stepping back to move forward…

What’s your challenge for summer? Here’s mine:

I’ve got a bit of laryngitis today after teaching indoors in AC for the last two weekends. My throat is dry! This got me thinking about how I’ve “lost my voice” since November 2016. I’ve written my quarterly column for Knitty and that’s about it, besides my 2017 resistance updates which were basically lists of links, and sending off an almost constant stream of impulsive posts on social media.

Today I wrote this in my planner, and these paintings represent the nourishment and refreshment that I need from my writing and that I hope my writing can also provide to others.

Stepping back to move forward... 1

I feel like I have lost my voice. I haven’t written since the 2016 election. I can’t let that disaster silence me or stop me from sharing stories. I haven’t been silent, but I have let the daily news cycle co-opt my voice and my words and my energy.


Stepping back to move forward... 2The only way to get my voice back is to *write*. This is the opposite of healing laryngitis–where you must give your voice a rest. I need to stop yelling and shouting all the time, and slow down and go deeper to say what is needed for the long term. I have intended to do this at least once or twice already, but I have failed. My challenge now is to figure out how to succeed this time. And the main thing is to keep trying.


  • 1) Surround myself with inspiration
  • 2) Ritualize my writing time
  • 3) Use the internet intentionally
  • 4) Limit social media time
  • 5) Share less frequently and with more depth

OK? Ready, set, go!

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