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Once upon a time (some stories should begin that way, I am told) there were two friends who loved to research and write about their knitting.

These friends, Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman, had the good fortune of being asked by a wonderfully kind editor, Jeane Hutchins, to help tell her story about a very special pink silk purse. After Jeane’s short story was told, the two friends shared many cups of tea, over a many month span, bemusing how fun it would be to share other special stories. Many of these just can’t be told in a few paragraphs, but there wasn’t a place they seemed to fit–a magazine article’s word allowances are too short and book content requirements are too lengthy. The friends decided to create something to fill in this gap.

Stories In Stitches™ provides more space than a magazine to share history, provide longer patterns, more detailed tutorials, photographs, and charts without grouping the topics into a more generalized publication. All that, and no ads!

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