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In this volume, you’ll find yourself in a land of enchantment, where love, life, and knitting all swirl around in one big cauldron of wonder as we go inside the lives and work of two of America’s knitting pioneers, Dorothy Reade & Anna Marie Jensen. Visit where their stories began and learn how knitting shaped their lives. Finally, become a living part of their stories by creating a stitch sampler and other beautiful projects based on their designs. Also included in this edition are patterns, essays, and an interview with Meg Swansen.

Stories included plus 10 knitting patterns. Look below for more info.

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There’s something special about taking a strand of yarn and two pointy sticks and creating unique hand-knits. Love is worked into each stitch, making theStories In Stitches 2 | eBook Download 13 finished item worth oh-so-much more than the sum of its parts. Add stories into the mix, and you’ve created something truly magical.
-Donna Druchunas-

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