Ivory Needle Case Scarf | Knitting Pattern


This scarf features an all-over version of the motif I developed for my Design Your Own Lace Stitches workshop, using geometric shapes, inspired by the carving on an Eskimo ivory needle case. I started by charting a simple pattern using yarn overs, then I added decreases and finally I accentuated the lace motif with an outline stitch.

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As much as I enjoy the challenge of complicated stitches and intricate patterns, sometimes there’s nothing as nice as working on a simple project and taking my time to enjoy the feel of the yarn and needles in my hands. The same goes for lace patterns: sometimes I like a design that twists and turns and has different maneuvers on every row and sometimes I prefer the quiet repetition of a geometric pattern that is easy to memorize. That’s how I feel about the motif in this scarf.

One reason I like geometric lace is that it’s not frilly or feminine, but the straight lines and sharp angles give the piece a more streamlined, or even masculine look that sometimes suits my mood more. What’s even better, is that geometric lace patterns also look great on men.