For the Love of Vincent 2 Knitting Pattern


If you love sunflowers and the amazing Sunflower paintings of Vincent van Gogh as much as I do, you can’t help but want to reproduce the gorgeous colors, shapes, and textures in your knitting.

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For the Love of Vincent 2 Knitting Pattern 7This is a rectangular version of my For the Love of Vincent pi-shawl design. It uses the outer leaves and border patterns from the circular shawl in a designs that is quick and fun to knit, until you get to the border. Fortunately, a rectangular stole

For the Love of Vincent 2 Knitting Pattern 8has much less border to knit than a pi shawl does.

The shawl is worked lengthwise with a provisional cast on. The border is knit onto the end of the piece after the center is worked, then the CO is removed and the border is added to the beginning of the piece last.

The pattern PDF includes an essay about creativity inspired by van Gogh. Did you know he used yarn to help him plan out his colors?

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