Diamonds & Ladders Scarf Knitting Pattern


As much as I enjoy the challenge of complicated stitches and intricate patterns, sometimes there’s nothing a nice as working on a simple project and taking my time to enjoy the feel of the yarn and needles in my hands.

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The same goes for lace patterns: sometimes I like a design that twists and turns and has different maneuvers on every row and sometimes I prefer the quiet repetition of a geometric pattern that is easy to memorize. That’s how I feel about lace diamonds.

In this project, I combined a commercially spun yarn in a rich brown with a simple diamond and ladders design that works up beautifully for boys or girls, men or women. The yarn was soft enough to be comfy, but had enough body to hold its shape and show off the diamond motif clearly.

Pattern PDF includes an essay on yarns and a mini tutorial on making left-slanting decreases.

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