Arab/American Knitting Sock Pattern


These toe-up socks are a tribute to Syrian immigrants and refugees in the United States. The design is based on what little information I could find.

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The design is based on what little information I could find, which includes a combination of Iraqi, Turkish, and Armenian designs and the colors and patterning on a mystery sock that I received as a gift. The techniques used are ones I’ve unvented by looking at socks from the region and the information in Ethnic Socks and Stockings by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.

So far I haven’t been able to find any references or information about traditional knitting in Syria. Sadly, whatever information may have survived in museums and with private owners has probably been destroyed recently. Of course, that is nothing compared with the tragedies of so many people being displaced and so many losing their lives.

One way we can make refugees feel accepted in our communities is by asking them about their traditions and crafts. Perhaps you have some new neighbors who have Eastern knitting secrets that are yet to be revealed to the West.


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