Adventures in Yarn Dyeing | ebook Download


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Basic beginner instructions on how to dye your yarns.
Includes 20 pages with sketches to color in your colors before dyeing. Articles were gathered from classes, magazine articles, and past research.

Topics include:
Adventures in Dyeing
Planning a Dyers’ Party
Natural Dyes from the Kitchen & Garden
Safety, Supplies and Workspace
Preparing, Dyeing, and Finishing Yarn
One-pot Natural Dye Recipe for Wool
Blue Dyes from my Garden
Namahazome—Raw Leaf Dyeing Recipe
Dyeing Wool with Kool-Aid
Preparing, Dyeing, and Finishing Yarn

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Adventures in Yarn Dyeing | ebook Download 5There are many reasons to dye your own yarn, fiber, or fabric. You may need a specific shade to add to an intarsia tapestry; you might be trying to recreate the hue of your favorite worn out sweater; you may need to add a special touch to a custom quilt, or you might just like to play with color. Whatever reason you have for dyeing your own yarns or fabrics, there is no denying that nothing is quite as thrilling as dropping a hank of fiber into a dye pot and pulling out a handful of color. When the dyes you use come from the natural world, that just makes the process a little more magical.

In this ebook we’ll be learning about people who use natural dyes to color wool yarns and fleece, cotton fabrics, linen scarves, and more. We’ll learn what natural materials are used to achieve di erent colors. We’ll discuss the pros-and-cons of using natural dyes compared to synthetic dyes. And we’ll discuss the safety and toxicity of various dyes as well as the mordants used to help set the colors.

And, there’s a Kool-Aid dye project and three coloring book pages as a bonus!