3.14159 Shawls: A Collection of Pi Shawl | EBOOK DOWNLOAD


Do you love lace and circular shawls? Then this ebook is for you! It’s got six pi shawl patterns for knitters of all skill levels. 6 patterns.

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3.14159 Shawls: A Collection of Pi Shawl | EBOOK DOWNLOAD 8I designed these over the past year, working with some of my favorite yarns and colors. The shawls range from easy to advanced, and the yarns are from sport weight to fine lace weight–so there’s something for those who are new to circular shawls and some challenges for more advanced knitters.

The pi-shawl general design was unvented by Elizabeth Zimmermann and it makes creating lace shawls so easy! Each section is worked even with increases in between, doubling the number of stitches in a mathematical formula that creates pleasing dimensions. I cheated on a few of the advanced designs to make the centers more challenging.
-Donna Druchunas-

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