Are you ready for a new season of Sherlock? Season 4 started this week on PBS (in the USA). This year, while you’re watching, you can get inspired for some great new knitting projects.

Sherlock Knits, a new book by Joanna Johnson, includes ten patterns inspired by the series. But it’s even better than that! The book has the look and feel of the series, and the models even have a more-than-passing resemblance to the actors. (Yes, it’s too bad the actual actors didn’t take the job to model the knitwear for the book.)

I’d recommend this book to fans of the Sherlock TV series and to Sherlock Holmes fans in general, even if you’re not planning to knit any of the projects. Why? Because it’s so much fun to look at! The photos show the knitting beautifully and also give you a peek into 221B Baker Street and Holmes & Watson’s London. The type is set in a lovely old-fashioned font that makes it feel like you’re reading one of Watson’s original stories (in pre-blogging days!). You need to find a flaw in a book review, right? The only thing I would change is making the Row 1: text bold. But that probably would have spoiled the lovely vintage-style typesetting. And there are also yummy pen-and-ink illustrations by Laurel Johnson that add to the personality of the book.

But I know for knitters the patterns are what make us drool the most! And this book doesn’t disappoint. The ten patterns are:

  • A Sweater for John (A classic men’s sweater, that’s actually unisex. It’s perfect in its simplicity with just the right amount of detail to not bore you.)
  • Copper Beeches Cowl (Easy lace, a very contemporary European look.)
  • Elementary in Pashmina (A classic and timeless scarf.)
  • Hudson’s Tea Cozy (I secretly have a love affair with tea cozies, even though I don’t brew tea in an old-fashioned tea pot.)
  • Mycroft & Moriarty Casebook Cozy (I must make these to carry my sketchbooks, but they’re actually designed to be iPad cases!)
  • Scotland Yard Vest (Hounds tooth, designed for a man, but Joanna was adapting it for a more fitted women’s style.)
  • Sherlock Hat (You NEED one, don’t you?)
  • Socks for Mary (Lovely cuff-down lace socks with both written and charted instructions.)
  • Speckled Band Shawl (A 19th-century staple that’s become a modern fashion statement of knitters.)
  • The Woman (Sexy arm warmers for a night on the town.)

Go buy it now. You won’t regret it. (Unless you hate both Sherlock Homes and knitting, but then what are you doing reading my blog?)