Sacred writing zone…

I haven’t been blogging regularly, which really isn’t anything new. I blogged almost every day from 2003 to 2011 and then slowed down quite a bit and thought about closing my blog but decided, “Heck, it’s my blog. I can post as sporadically as I want to.” So there you have it.

Writing is an odd thing. When I blogged more, I didn’t write in notebooks much, and now that I’m blogging less frequently, I write more in my notebooks. What’s bad about that, is that you don’t get to read everything I’m writing about. What’s good about that is that I get to play more and explore being creative and write really raw stuff that isn’t ready to share. It’s really important for writers to have a place to just dump things onto the page without the need to share them. That’s where the best writing ultimately comes from, and eventually the best parts of that do end up being shared. That’s what Stories In Stitches is full of!

Here’s something from one of my note books on this topic:

Sacred writing zone…

That’s what the freewrite fling is for me. What is sacred about it? It’s my way to sort out what I think and believe and to put my soul onto the page without worrying about what anyone else will think about it. We all need that place to write freely. Writing is hard work. It takes more than just tossing out words.

Although sometimes it feels like that’s what free writing is, that’s not the case at all. Free writing is soul work. It is only one part of the writing process. It is preparing the clay. The part where we put the clay on the wheel and shape it into a pot or a vase or a plate comes later. But first we need clay to work with. And that is what free writing is. Creating clay. Digging up clay from the underground from our unconscious mind and bringing it to the surface. And that work is sacred. It is the magical part of writing. The part you can’t be taught. The part you can only learn by practice. And to prepare your soul for digging out clay you need to read and think and travel and fill the well constantly. Otherwise you will be empty and there will be nothing to excavate. Sure those are mixed metaphors. But that’s ok because they can be edited. But the thoughts are there to be formed.

A lot of people, I think, see this as the only part of writing. But it is just the first part. The part where you face the blank page (or screen) and put words and ink marks onto it. But what you do with those words after that shitty first draft is the second real work of writing. That’s where you take dirt and make it into something both useful and beautiful. Both parts of the process are writing. So counting words is bullshit. Because some days you pull words out of thin air and put them on the page and other days you change those words. You add more. You delete some. You replace one with another and that is writing too. No one seems to count that. If all you do is fill blank pages, you are not a writer. You are as diarist. You need to go further to be a writer.

Free writng is exploring the terrain. The meaty part of writing, to me, is when you take what you’ve explored and make into a map that someone else can follow.

So sacred? What does that even mean? Who cares. It’s a stupid word. But it has meaning even tho I don’t believe in it as far as a supernatural thing. It is something of special value to be honored and treasured above and beyond the mundane tasks of life like brushing your teeth. That’s what sacred writing is to me.

Stories In Stitches 4 is called “Knitting the Spirit,” so I think this topic is an appropriate way to get ready to share more of what’s inside those pages with you. Soon.


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